The Film

Food trucks were born in Los Angeles, and knowing some Spanish has always been helpful when ordering at the window. That’s because the available choices have been heavily influenced by the Mexican immigrants who’ve dominated the industry for decades, and their traditional sensibilities of what street food is.

When the gourmet-truck boom began in 2010 and sophisticated chefs began using modern technology and social media to promote their fusion dishes to a wider audience, food trucks started rolling into uncharted territory: cultural menu mash-ups, and making their presence known in more upscale neighborhoods. Television producers took the concept and ran, creating The Great Food Truck Race.  But, not everybody was onboard with L.A.’s street-food revolution.

Masa Revolution: The Backstreet to The American Dream is a feature-length documentary for theatrical release that examines various conflicts as they unfold around L.A.:  Lawmakers and health officials turning to ordinances and regulations for more control, restaurateurs looking to city hall in an effort to protect their establishments, Latino immigrant entrepreneurs, or los loncheros, fighting to preserve their long-standing business model, which inspired the pop-culture boom in the first place.

The Producer

Producer/Director – Patricia Nazario

The Crew

Crew Production Meeting