Patricia Nazario as Featured Expert

In the evolving conversation around how Mexican immigrants have contributed to what has become a global food-truck phenomenon, Patricia Nazario is a leading expert.

A former student from Cal State University Northridge, who had interned with the filmmaker, returned after completing his internship for the below interview with Nazario:

Patricia Nazario discusses the role of Mexican Immigrants on the global food truck phenomenon.

Octavio Padilla

Octavio Padilla

Octavio Padilla is an audio engineer/music producer on Masa Revolution and worked in conjunction with Martin Espino to record and create the music and audio for the animated sequence of Masa Revolution.

Octavio Padilla is a Los Angeles based musician who has been a founding member of local bands Estranged, Solaz, Nefalim, and his latest musical endeavor, Ecos N Eden.  In his spare time, he enjoys songwriting and production at El Eden Studios and Optimal Audio, his San Gabriel Valley based creative collectives.  He has also worked for the Roland Corporation since 2000, and is currently Sales Manager for their Latin America Division.