Patricia Nazario as Featured Expert

In the evolving conversation around how Mexican immigrants have contributed to what has become a global food-truck phenomenon, Patricia Nazario is a leading expert.

A former student from Cal State University Northridge, who had interned with the filmmaker, returned after completing his internship for the below interview with Nazario:

Patricia Nazario discusses the role of Mexican Immigrants on the global food truck phenomenon.

LA Weekly: “The Original Food Trucks”‘ by Patricia Nazario

Loncheras riding the food truck tidal wave:

It’s not the kind of question you ask in public, but: Would you eat from a plain white catering truck?

While perusing the menu of a fancy green-and-orange food truck parked near Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank on a recent afternoon, a man in a button-down shirt and slacks pauses, then says, “No.”

Taquitos from Prime Time Cuisine on Wheels: Formerly a taco truck, it’s now a custom-wrapped “food truck.” (Photo by Anne Fishbein)
Originally from New Zealand, Andrew Jeffries is V.P. of Programming at Clear Channel Media and Entertainment.

Another admits, “I don’t care. I just want good food!” [read on]

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