From DJ to Grill-J: Skrillex Samples Grillex in Echo Park

Lines stretched for blocks in northeast L.A. last night as fans jostled to get a taste of the latest Skrillex project — a literal taste, that is, of the diminutive dubstep pioneer’s new mobile culinary lab, Grillex.

Skrillex Heats Up The Turntable

The Grammy-winning L.A. native Skrillex (born Sonny Moore) launched Grillex to minimal initial fanfare, keeping it mostly a secret until yesterday afternoon, when the truck rolled up to the corner of Echo Park Avenue at Sunset and tweets piled upon tweets, prompting a rush of mostly black-clad superfans to get their hands on his new creations.

What spurred the temporary shift from DJ to Grill-J? We asked the man himself as he hustled and hopped in front of a pair of searing griddles.

“I figured, why not? Y’know? I’ve gotta try a new challenge right now,” Skrillex said. “Growing up, I cooked a lot at home … I mean, I spent a lot of time with a spatula and grill tongs, almost as much time as I did with decks and records. I’ve got a real passion for it, y’know what I mean? I think, like, 60% of these things fail in the first few months … might as well give it a shot.” [more]

Milwaukee Turns Snow Plows into Food Trucks

The Department of Public Works is getting ready to unveil a new line of food trucks to help feed the city’s seemingly ceaseless appetite for food on the go.  City officials also hope to close the city’s budget gap.

DPW is creating 10 food trucks from former vehicles that served as part of the city’s line of dedicated snow plows.

DPW assistant director Tom Sweet says that global warming is changing the city’s plowing needs and that he and his staff saw an opportunity to re-purpose some equipment that was sitting dormant and scarfing up ever-tighter public dollars