Food Trucks Down Under

Food trucks are a ubiquitous scene in many cities where people are demanding more food on the go. In Melbourne, food trucks represent a whole new way of dining.

It’s not about shrimps on the barbie or bloomin’ onions, but taco trucks. There’s even one called “Gumbo Kitchen.”

Sydney, Australia is the latest city to jump on the food truck bandwagon.

Food trucks have become a sensation in U.S. cities like New York, LA and Portland.  Some of them have even built a cult following with highly-decorated trucks and signature dishes such as tacos, pancakes and Korean BBQs.

In Sydney, mobile kitchens are changing the direction of cheap street eats and Aussies are ultra fascinated by anything hot, spicy and Latin.

Sydney’s “Taco Truck” has more than 40,000 Facebook followers.

The city hosted workshops recently that attracted more than 30 participants keen to trial food truck ideas. Ten of the most interesting and innovative ideas will be picked for the pilot program, which will start next January 2012 and run for a year.