Fermin Herrera

Professor Fermin Herrera
Narrator/Náhuatl Expert

Renowned scholar of Mesoamerican studies and expert in the Náhuatl language of Ancient Mexico, Fermin Herrera is the authoritative voice for the animated open of Masa Revolution: The Backstreet to The American Dream.  We can’t give too much away, but the illustration follows portable food through time from Mesoamerica, before the Spanish conquest, to food trucks in East Los Angeles.

Mr. Hererra is a professor in the Department of Chicana/Chicano Studies at California State University, Northridge.  He’s also a master harpist. Fermin leads the group, El Conjunto Hueyapan, which is dedicated to the jarocho music tradition that originated in Veracruz, Mexico. Founded in 1973, the group is now composed of two generations of the Herrera family–all from Oxnard, California.

Fermin Harp
Professor Fermin Herrera (right)
Mesoamerica/Náhuatl Language Expert