Karla Henry

Photojournalist Karla Henry in San Juan de Los Lagos, México.

Karla Henry earned her bachelor’s degree in photojournalism, with a minor in Spanish-language journalism, from California State University, Northridge in June 2013.

While at CSUN, Karla worked as a staff photographer for the Daily Sundial.  In that role, she worked with editors and staff reporters to select the best photos for hard news, features, and sports stories, as well as a range of diverse activities and events the paper covers of CSUN life.

Karla joined CSUN’s Spanish-language newspaper El Nuevo Sol in 2011 as a photo editor, and produced unique content of the Latino community in Los Angeles.

Karla became President of the CSUN Photojournalism Club and a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.  Her aspirations as a photojournalist are simple: explore the world and capture images that the human eye does not see.

Karla is passionate about understanding different cultures, and connecting the subject with the viewer, no matter where they are.