Legalizing Street Food

Until recently, LA was the only major American city where it’s illegal to sell food on the streets. Street vendors, who are largely immigrants, have been fighting to decriminalize street vending for years.

This February, in response to Trump’s ramping up of deportation, the L.A. city council passed an ordinance that would begin the process of legalization. The battle is not over, as street vendors continue to fight for an equitable permit system. I produced this video with filmmaker Jing Niu for Fusion Media.

The woman featured in the video, nicknamed Güera, has been part of the campaign for legalization and is pleased with the city’s decision.  

Los Angeles Decriminalizes Street Vendors

Los Angeles is the only major American city where it's illegal to sell food on the sidewalk. That's finally changing to protect its immigrant community under Trump.

Posted by Fusion on Thursday, April 6, 2017