Patricia Nazario as Featured Expert

In the evolving conversation around how Mexican immigrants have contributed to what has become a global food-truck phenomenon, Patricia Nazario is a leading expert.

A former student from Cal State University Northridge, who had interned with the filmmaker, returned after completing his internship for the below interview with Nazario:

Patricia Nazario discusses the role of Mexican Immigrants on the global food truck phenomenon.

Sal Lopez

Sal Lopez
Sal Lopez
Actor/Narrator Animated Open

Sal Lopez is the voice actor/narrator for the animated open of Masa Revolution. In essence Lopez personifies an Aztec god, who guides us through Mesoamerica -before the Spanish conquest- and connects street food from that civilization to food trucks in East L.A.

Born in Mexico and raised in South Central L.A., this multi-dimensional actor knew he wanted to perform from an early age.  But he was unsure how to carve his own path, because no Hollywood stars looked like him. Lopez is now a recognizable face himself, and best known for his movie roles on Full Metal Jacket (1987), Port Charles (1997) and as Pedro Santana in American Me (1992).

Returning to his roots and first love, Lopez is recently produced and starred in his first one-man play, “This is a Man’s World” at the Los Angeles Theater Center. In the semi-autobiographical coming of age story, Lopez drew on his childhood in Mexico, his experience living through the Watts Riots and the birth of his son.