Sarah Garrahan

Sarah Garrahan is an LA based documentary filmmaker, producer and editor from San Antonio, Texas. She holds a MA in Creative Documentary from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and an MFA from Duke University in the Experimental and Documentary Arts.

Filmmaker/Assistant Editor – Sarah Garrahan

Her work focuses on the working class, family, the everyday and ways of knowing. Her films have shown at the Cine Las Americas Film Festival, the Thin Line Film Festival, the NC Latin American Film Festival, Cinema Reset and the Indie Grits Film Festival. Her editing work has been broadcast internationally, including on PBS in the United States and on TV3 in Spain. She was the recipient of the Kenan Institute of Ethics grant in 2013 for her work on the FARE project. She was a 2013 Flaherty Film Fellow and a 2015 Felsman Documentary Fellow in Rio de Janeiro.

She enjoys cooking, volunteering her time and skills for social justice, reading, and further educating herself on ideas of race, class, gender, sexuality and the intersections between them all.